‘Voices’- Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Please note that by making a submission, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this project. Please take a moment to read these HERE

1. Choose a language from the United Nations website HERE.

2. Download the declaration in your language from the United Nations website.

3. Try to find a quiet place (without too much ambient noise) and begin the recording with your name and the language you will be reading in. Please record 15-30 seconds of silence in the room before you start your reading and start with your name, language, age and which articles you’ve chosen.

4. Record 1 to 3 (maximum) of the ‘articles’ of your choice in the declaration (not the preamble).

5. Send the digital audio file (all formats accepted) using to

I’ll do my best to use as many of the submissions as possible. Email with questions pertaining to your submission.