Sheet Music

Now that more and more of us are spending time at home, many people are finding they have time to play the piano, so I’m going to be making some of my sheet music available for free download HERE.

Feel free to post and tag any videos of your playing, and please stay safe!

The next piece available is INFRA 3, and will be available for the next two weeks. The music was originally written for Wayne McGregor’s 2008 Royal Ballet production of the same name and took the 7/7 London underground bombings as its subject – Infra is the Latin word for below. Because the victims of the bombings were commuters, INFRA is travelling music, and I used fragments of one of my favourite pieces of travelling music, Schubert’s Winterreise, as a source. Schubert atoms of all sorts pervade INFRA;  in the case of INFRA 3, the Gb impromptu is the starting point.