VOICES | Worldwide Radio Broadcast


BBC Radio 3 will bring together 37 radio stations across the world on Thursday 10th December for a performance of VOICES.

“In these strange and challenging times it is more important than ever to keep the music playing and the message of the Universal Declaration alive.”
— Max Richter and Yulia Mahr

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Tickets are now on sale for the UK film premiere including an exclusive Q&A with Max Richter & Yulia Mahr on 8 September.

This breathtaking film follows acclaimed composer and musician Max Richter and his creative partner, artist and BAFTA winning filmmaker Yulia Mahr, as they navigate an ambitious performance of his celebrated 8-hour opus Sleep at an open-air concert in Los Angeles. Emmy-nominated director Natalie Johns weaves in Mahr’s personal archive and performance footage from Berlin, Sydney, and Paris to create a rich portrait of a shared artistic process, along with contributions that illuminate both the science and story behind the work.


If your local cinema is not listed, please keep an eye on the film’s official website as more cinemas will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

VOICES | Mercy (Official Music Video by Yulia Mahr)

Mercy, written ten years ago for Hilary Hahn, and played here so beautifully by Mari Samuelsen, was the starting point for the whole of VOICES. Over the years of working on the project, the music has taken many forms, nearly all of them put to one side, but the music of Mercy has always been a sort of pole star, guiding the rest of the piece. Yulia’s stunning film places the question of mercy and compassion firmly into our everyday world. We are all in this together.  -m

Listen to Mercy HERE
VOICES is out in its entirety on July 31st.

VOICES | All Human Beings (Official Music Video by Yulia Mahr)

The video for the first released track from my upcoming album VOICES is now live.
This project has been 10 years in the making. In this time of great challenges, VOICES is a place to reflect on the world we have made, and on the world we want to make.
Readings are from the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Video by Yulia Mahr.

Listen to the first tracks from the album HERE 
VOICES is out in its entirety on July 31st.


VOICES | Origins

‘Origins’ – VOICES out July 31st from Decca Records.
Listen and pre-order HERE

JOURNEY (CP1919) | Aurora Orchestra


Max Richter’s ‘Journey (CP1919)’ – commissioned especially for the Aurora Orchestra’s project and album ‘Music of the Spheres’ is inspired by the discovery of the first pulsar star, CP1919. Richter’s ‘Journey’, uses rhythms governed by the same ratios used by ancient astronomers to describe the orbits of the planets and – inspired by Aurora’s “by heart” projects – Richter created it to be performed by players from memory. ‘Journey (CP1919)’ Listen HERE from Deutsche Grammophon.


MY BRILLIANT FRIEND | The Story of a New Name

The American-Italian drama My Brilliant Friend returns to HBO with the long-awaited second season –The Story of a New Name, based on the second book of Elena Ferrante’s bestselling book series, The Neapolitan Novels. 

Following the success of Max Richter’s first season soundtrack, Deutsche Grammophon has released the soundtrack to the second season, available HERE.