90 Minutes of Sleep at IMAX

An audio-visual meditation presented in person with an introduction by Max Richter. Immerse yourself on Sunday morning with SLEEP.

In March 2023 Max recorded a ninety minute section of the eight hour SLEEP cycle with a live ensemble at Oxfordshire-based Studio Richter Mahr.  This event is an opportunity to hear that music for the first time in the completely immersive and enveloping 12.1 surround sound of the BFI IMAX with a connected visual experience.

VOICES + Free & Equal Vol. 2

In this double bill charity concert, experience some of the best contemporary composition in the UK, and reflect on the meaning of Human Rights.

Studio Richter Mahr commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in this special charity event raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières.

Max Richter and his ensemble perform VOICES. Featuring readings from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the piece is performed on radically reimagined orchestration dominated by the low frequencies of basses and cellos.

Opening the concert, a special guest pianist will perform pieces from Free & Equal Vol. 2. Curated by BBC Radio 3’s Elizabeth Alker, Free & Equal Vol.2 features pieces from exciting contemporary composers arranged for piano.

Sign up here for access to the presale on Thursday 13th July.

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Listen to Free & Equal Vol. 1 on Bandcamp here.

Tilda Swinton joins Max at UK festivals

Having first worked together on Max’s second album, The Blue Notesbooks, 20 years ago, Oscar winning-actor Tilda Swinton joined Max and his ensemble on stage at Glastonbury Festival to perform the record live together for the first time.

Fresh from this performance, Tilda joins Max at Bluedot Festival on 20th July, performing in front of the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank.

Reading from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights during VOICES, this is her first ever performance of this work.

Buy tickets for Bluedot here

Live dates in Australia

Vivid LIVE, Sydney, Saturday 3rd June

I’m excited to be bringing Ambient Orchestra to Vivid – an adventurous festival which is the perfect place to perform these pieces exploring the orchestra as a medium for ambient music.

I’ll be performing two pieces which have never been played in Australia before – Exiles and Testament.

Some of my best live memories are from the Sydney Opera House, so I’m glad to be back for the first time since 2016’s SLEEP.

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Dark Mofo, 9th, 10th & 14th June

After Sydney, I’ll be travelling to Tasmania’s Dark Mofo festival, for three performances.

As well as performing VOICES and Recomposed twice, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be performing SLEEP again, seven years since we performed it in Sydney – the full eight hours, overnight at this beautiful location.

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SLEEP: Tranquility Base

The new EP, out now

Out today, SLEEP: Tranquility Base is an EP of new music, returning to Max’s ground breaking 8-hour lullaby for a frenetic world. 

‘A look at the material from a more electronic standpoint, this is a chance for me to see what this music means to me now, in this moment… 

‘SLEEP is a kind of counter argument to what’s going on in the world. It’s a sort of alternative proposition to how things could be or how things are… towards the world we’re living in and helps to shine a light on the things we can do better. 

The original thing which made us want to make this piece was a sense of being oversaturated – with data, with information – overstimulated… All of that is just worse now, there’s more of the same – much more of the same – and that makes the piece continually relevant’. 

Listen and buy here

Free & Equal Vol. 1

Announcing Studio Richter Mahr’s first release

Today, Yulia and I have announced Free & Equal Vol. 1, an EP raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières.

Tracks from Duval Timothy, CHAINES, cktrl, Hannah Kendall and more were all recorded here at Studio Richter Mahr. It was a joy to see into their creative worlds.

Join us on Human Rights Day, Saturday 10th December at KOKO in London to celebrate the release.

Pre-order the EP exclusively on Bandcamp and buy your tickets for the event here.

Studio Richter Mahr will pay 100% of profits to Médecins Sans Frontières (UK) (charity number: 1026588)

Blue Dot Festival

Max headlines the opening night of the festival

Based at the epic Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, Blue Dot Festival combines creativity and curiosity.

Accompanied by projections on the Lovell Telescope, Max is the opening night headliner, performing VOICES and Recomposed.

Tickets are available on Friday 11th November, buy your tickets here.

Woolf Works in London

The ballet returns to the Royal Opera House next March

Inspired by the novels of the incredible Virginia Woolf, Wayne McGregor’s ballet – with music by Max – first premiered in 2016.

It’s since won an Olivier award and the music has been released as Three Worlds.

7 years later it’s back at the Royal Opera House.

1st – 23rd March 2023, get your tickets here.

MADDADDAM in Toronto

A new ballet premiering in Toronto this November

Continuing his collaboration with award-winning choreographer Wayne McGregor, MADDADDAM is a new ballet co-commissioned by the National Ballet of Canada and the Royal Ballet.

Inspired by a dystopian triptych of novels by author Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam, themes of extinction and invention, hubris and humanity are spliced together with aspects of Atwood’s activism and her deep connection to the Canadian landscape, past and present.

The ballet premieres in Toronto 23rd – 30th November.

Tickets are on sale now, get your tickets here.

Recomposed live in Berlin

Max returns to Berlin this December…

For my last performance of the year, I’m taking Recomposed back to where it all began, ten years ago.

It was in my studio in Mitte that I first worked on recomposing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and in Pankow where we recorded the record in 2012 with Daniel Hope.

So it feels special and apt that my final live concert for its anniversary year should be in Berlin.

I’ll also be joined by violinist Elena Urioste, who recorded The New Four Seasons, released earlier this year.

I hope to see some of you there.



Infra for Strings
Recomposed – Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

Tickets are on sale now, get your tickets here.