“No contemporary composer expresses the same complexity of emotion on screen as Max Richter, whose work pervades modern culture, from film to television to dance to theater.” THE ATLANTIC

“Notes that seem to reach for a place beyond the mortal world…” THE NEW  YORKER

“Richter works in a tone that is sincere and serious; many of his pieces could be described as beautiful. It’s a style at odds with the fashionable inscrutability of postmodernism.” THE LA TIMES

“Max Richter’s potent distillations of classical tradition, minimal electronica, and the spoken word deliver a listening experience that intentionally levels the field between composer and audience; promoting an open and easy musical conversation without sacrificing depth or emotional resonance in the exchange.” 15 QUESTIONS

“British composer Max Richter is a towering figure within contemporary classical, a musician whose  work straddles cinema, theatre, ballet and opera and reaches into pop and dance music.”         CRACK MAGAZINE

“When it comes to pushing the boundaries of how far classical music can be modernised, there are none so influential as Max Richter. “ THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“Richter is the architect of a post-minimalist electronic revolution at the borderlands of classical music”  1843 MAGAZINE

“Max Richter is arguably one of the most influential and talented producers and composers of our generation. For more than fifteen years now he has been producing beautifully mesmerising records and soundtracks. He has captured a sense of modern ambience which is hard to replicate, although many have tried.”  THE RANSOM NOTE