The Blue Notebooks (15th Anniversary Reissue)

Originally written in 2003 and rereleased in 2018, The Blue Notebooks is a subtle and peaceful protest against political, social and personal brutality.

The album includes narrated texts from Franz Kafka’s ‘Blue Octavo Notebooks’ which according to Max “…reflected on my sense of the politics of the time. Facts were beginning to be replaced by subjective assertions in the build-up to the Iraq war, which seemed to be viewed as inevitable and justified in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Kafka’s use of the absurd to investigate power structures struck me as highly relevant. He is, of course, the patron saint of doubt, and doubt – about politics, and the way society was heading – was what I was looking to express. The texts were specifically picked because they refer to childhood, or the passing of time, when everything around is failing.”

‘On The Nature Of Daylight’ is the album’s most prominent and best-known track, most notably due to its pivotal inclusion in Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island and more recently Denis Villeneuve’s award-winning winning film Arrival.

‘a sublime piece of art that offers shelter from the world; a quiet, closed-off space where one can reflect on society’s greatest afflictions.’

-Resident Advisor

a high-point of the composer’s practice as well as a perfect entry point into his body of work.

-Spectrum Culture