The New Four Seasons: release date and exclusive live performance

A decade on from the release of his mesmerising Recomposed album, Max has returned to the sound world of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in The New Four Seasons.

Recorded with violinist Elena Urioste and the musicians of Chineke! Orchestra, this new recording sees Max create a reworked version of his Recomposed score for period instruments –using gut strings and vintage synthesisers to create a “grittier, more punk rock sound”.

The new album will be released by Deutsche Grammophon on 10th June 2022; listen to singles ‘Spring 1’ and ‘Autumn 3’ now.

Max will perform Recomposed with Chineke! Orchestra at Chelsea Hospital as part of Live at Chelsea on 16th June 2022. This is the only chance to see Max performing the work in the UK this year. Buy tickets here.

Having performed Recomposed live many times in the last decade, Max was inspired to create a special rendition of the work on period instruments to take “a new trip through the text using Vivaldi’s own colours”. The New Four Seasons applies a Baroque palette to the score in which he transforms or subverts fragments from the original four violin concertos; spinning them into different shapes and colours and placing them in different orchestral settings. He has revisited the electronics too – opting for Moog synths from the 70s –“the equivalent of the Stradivarius”. Asked about the difference in sound between modern and period strings, he laughs: “I heard someone say it’s the difference between smooth peanut butter and crunchy peanut butter, which encapsulates it really well!”

At this concert, Max will also perform VOICES. Created in collaboration with artist Yulia Mahr and narrated by Imtiaz Dharker, the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights in dozens of languages is read over a radically reimagined “negative orchestra” heavy on basses and cellos, a musical metaphor of the world turning upside down.

Max Richter
Matthew Lynch, conductor, VOICES
Laura Ayoub, violin
Imtiaz Dharker, narrator
Grace Davidson, soprano
Chineke! Voices
Chineke! Orchestra