Germany | Nov. 2019


Max Richter returns to Germany with three special performances in November 2019. Joined by an ensemble and Soprano Grace Davidson, Richter will premiere new material from his forthcoming album, as well as the abridged 90 min. concert version of his ‘lullaby for a frenetic world’ ; ‘SLEEP.’  Performances at Hamburg’s Laieszhalle, Frankfurt’s Alte Oper, and the Tonhalle in Düsseldorf.

Journey (CP1919) | Performed by Aurora Orchestra

  1. Journey (CP1919) is a new work by Max Richter, commissioned by the Aurora Orchestra. Part of Aurora’s Music of the Spheres, the piece will be performed in the dark and is inspired by the discovery of the first Pulsar star, CP1919, and uses rhythms governed by the same ratios used by the ancient astronomers to describe the orbits of the planets. Information on June 2019 performances in Bristol, Canterbury, Birmingham and London HERE.
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