Waltz With Bashir

"A memoir, a history lesson, a combat picture, a piece of investigative
journalism and an altogether amazing film" - New York Times

"Clearly one of the best pictures of the year." - New York Observer

"Its fluid boundary between the real and surreal lifts it into the realm of myth." - New York Magazine

"Extraordinary and painfully timely" - Entertainment Weekly

"…absolute stunner.." - Wall Street Journal

"Difficult to remember impossible to forget" - Boston Globe

"The best movie of 2008? The most revealing war film ever made? The greatest animated feature to come out of Israel? All these descriptions could apply to Waltz With Bashir." - San Francisco Chronicle


1. Max Richter - Boaz And The Dogs
2. Max Richter - Iconography
3. Max Richter - The Haunted Ocean 1
4. Max Richter - JSB/RPG
5. Max Richter - Shadow Journal
6. OMD - Enola Gay
7. Max Richter - The Haunted Ocean 2
8. Max Richter - Taxi And APC
9. Max Richter - Any Minute Now / Thinking Back
10. Max Richter - I Swam Out To Sea / Return
11. Max Richter - Patchouli Oil And Karate
12. PIL - This Is Not A Love Song
13. Max Richter - What Had They Done?
14. Max Richter - Into The Airport Hallucination
15. Max Richter - The Slaughterhouse
16. Max Richter - The Haunted Ocean 3
17. Max Richter - Into The Camps
18. Max Richter - The Haunted Ocean 4
19. Max Richter - Andante / Reflection (End Title)
20. Max Richter - The Haunted Ocean 5 (Solo Version)


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