Songs From Before

"...a stunning manifesto where the strings and Richter's piano pull one another between poles of regret and redemption" -

"Richter finds the poignant in the ordinary; the sacred in the everyday." - Stylus Magazine

"Epic yet personal, 'Songs From Before' is a joy that firmly cements Max Richter at the forefront of contemporary composition. Essential." - BOOMKAT

"Songs From Before is a deeply moving, near-sacred work." - XLR8R

"Spellbinding" - The Milk Factory

Beautifully recorded and cinematic in scope, ‘Songs From Before’ once again carries a pensive, emotionally resonant tone. Punctuated by Robert Wyatt’s distinctive, understated readings of Haruki Murakami’s text, the music evokes forgotten memories or lost histories, a series of bittersweet articulations that seem suspended somewhere between a dreamy sense of awe and melancholia. The title refers to the fact that, as well as this being a kind of specimen case of music written over a long period, the album carries other music inside it - with the sources ranging from music between 5 and 300 years old - either used as starting points for Max’s own writing, or submerged deep within.


1. Song
2. Flowers For Yulia
3. Fragment
4. Harmonium
5. Ionosphere
6. Autumn Music 1
7. Time Passing
8. Sunlight
9. Lullaby
10. Autumn Music
11. Verses
12. From The Rue Vilin


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