“Stunning” - Classic FM Magazine

"A masterpiece in neoclassical composition" - BBC MUSIC

"Sublime" - BOOMKAT

"A profoundly gripping emotional journey" - Mojo

"Beautiful...precise and deeply sombre" - The Word

“...creating moments of such beauty that you are lost in a world of possibility.” - Clash Magazine

Recorded by Richter with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and critically lauded on its original release, and now re-released on FatCat Records’ instrumental/orchestral imprint 130701.

Max’s evocative sense of vision is stunningly singular, as is his extraordinary ability to suddenly open up a dark piece of music like opening one’s eyes to glorious sunshine, as if the listener were caught up in the most dramatic of weather changes.


1. Europe, After The Rain
2. Maria, The Poet (1913)
3. Laika's Journey
4. The Twins (Prague)
5. Sarajevo
6. Andras
7. Untitled (Figures)
8. Sketchbook
9. November
10. Jan's Notebook
11. Arbenita (11 Years)
12. Garden (1973) / Interior
13. Landscape With Figure (1922)
14. Fragment
15. Lines On A Page (One Hundred Violins)
16. Embers
17. Last Days
18. Quartet Fragment (1908)


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