Max Richter signs with Deutsche Grammophon

Published 18 March 2014 by MT

PHOTO / From left to right: Jane Carter, Mark Wilkinson, Costa Pilavachi, Max Richter, Christian Badzura, Max Hole, Ute Fesquet. Photo: © Richard Skidmore

We are delighted to formally announce Max's new partnership with the prestigious and world's oldest classical music label, Deutsche Grammophon in Berlin. This collaboration includes Deutsche Grammophon's re-release of Max's renowned solo albums, Infra, 24 Postcards in Full Color, Songs from Before and The Blue Notebooks as well as a new recording of Memoryhouse this September. Further, Max's recomposition of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons will be re-released with an exclusive performance film and interactive app this Spring along with new releases in the pipeline for next year. It is an incredibly special time for Max, please stay close for more announcements regarding this exciting collaboration. For the official announcement from Deutsche Grammophon please visit